Yamaha Tracer 9GT (U1062)

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Vehicle Description
Elevate Your Adventure with the Yamaha Tracer 9GT 2021 - Only 7026 Miles!

Embark on a journey of discovery with the Yamaha Tracer 9GT 2021 - a bike that's not just a mode of transportation but a gateway to unforgettable experiences!

Key Features:
Powerful 890cc CP3 engine for a thrilling and responsive ride.
Advanced suspension and electronic aids for optimal comfort and control.
Full-service history - Meticulously maintained for peak performance.
Panniers included - Ready for all your touring needs!
Comfortable ergonomics for long-distance cruising.

This Tracer 9GT boasts a mere 7026 miles, making it a low-mileage gem ready for many more adventures. Each mile tells a story of thrilling rides and unforgettable destinations.

Full-Service History:
Rest easy knowing this Yamaha Tracer 9GT has been pampered with regular servicing, ensuring reliability and peak performance on every ride. The full-service history adds to the bike's pedigree and longevity.

Panniers Included:
Equipped with spacious panniers, this Tracer 9GT is not only built for exhilarating rides but also for practical touring. Pack up, hit the road, and let the adventure unfold with the convenience of ample storage.

Standard Specs:
Engine: 890cc CP3, 4-Cylinder, 4-Stroke
Transmission: 6-Speed
Brakes: Advanced ABS for precise stopping power
Suspension: Adjustable front forks, rear swingarm
Color: Stylish and sleek Yamaha design

Seize the opportunity to own this Yamaha Tracer 9GT 2021 with only 7026 miles at an incredible price. Your next adventure awaits!

Contact us now to schedule a test ride and experience the thrill of the Yamaha Tracer 9GT firsthand. Don't miss out on this exceptional bike with low mileage, full-service history, and panniers - the perfect companion for your next journey!
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