Yamaha XSR125 125 Legacy (N493)

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Vehicle Description
Unleash Timeless Style and Modern Performance with the Yamaha XSR125 125 Legacy - With 0 Miles!
Introducing the Yamaha XSR125 125 Legacy - Embrace the Past, Conquer the Future!
Key Features:

125cc Urban Legend: Experience the perfect blend of classic styling and contemporary performance with the XSR125. The 125cc engine delivers a punchy ride, making it an ideal companion for both urban commuting and weekend adventures.
Heritage-Inspired Design: The XSR125 Legacy pays homage to Yamaha's rich history with a design that echoes the timeless style of the past. From the iconic round headlight to the retro-inspired fuel tank, every detail exudes vintage charm.
Fuel Injection System: Enjoy seamless and responsive throttle control with the fuel-injected engine. The XSR125 ensures optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and a smooth, enjoyable ride.
Modern Technology: Despite its classic appearance, the XSR125 is equipped with modern technology, including an LCD display that provides essential information at a glance. Stay connected and informed while embracing the vintage aesthetic.
Lightweight Chassis: Navigate city streets and winding roads with ease, thanks to the XSR125's lightweight and nimble chassis. Maneuver through traffic effortlessly and experience the joy of agile handling.
Comfortable Ergonomics: The XSR125 is designed for rider comfort, with a relaxed riding position that allows you to enjoy long rides without fatigue. The well-padded seat ensures a plush and comfortable experience.
Timeless Colour Scheme: The XSR125 Legacy boasts a captivating colour scheme that pays homage to Yamaha's iconic heritage. Stand out on the road with a bike that not only performs well but also makes a style statement.

0 Miles: This Yamaha XSR125 125 Legacy is a blank canvas for your riding adventures, with 0 miles on the odometer. Be the first to embark on a journey of nostalgia and modern exploration with this pristine motorcycle.
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